About Us

Flyintobhx is an unofficial Birmingham Airport enthusiast website.
The official Birmingham Airport can be found at www.birminghamairport.co.uk.

Flyintobhx provides you with the latest airport and airlines news, information about the airport (accessing BHX, airlines that operate in and out of BHX, BHX frequencies, spotting locations and whats due at BHX), a range of images and videos available to browse through and a live feed of the @flyintobhx Twitter page.

“flyintobhx.co.uk” was created by Matt Kidgell back in December 2000 when it was formally known as “thebhx.co.uk”, but due to a number of issues, the website was re-lauched as
“flyintobhx.co.uk”, which had proven to be a lot more popular. Matt had been running the
website for the past 14 years, but in December 2014, the website was taken over by Tony Evans who has brought flyintobhx into the 21st century.

Flyintobhx gets average daily hits of 200-250, but with this new 21st Century website, we hope to get average daily hits of 300-400. Flyintobhx is Birmingham Airports No.1 enthusiasts

Flyintobhx is the first enthusiast site which makes up part of “flyinto” group.
Other “flyinto” sites can be found below:
East Midlands Airport – www.flyintoema.co.uk